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Post by Dammam on Thu Apr 02, 2009 3:05 pm

Three women in North Florida turned up at hospitals over

a 5-day period, all with the same symptoms.

Fever, chills, and vomiting, followed by muscular collapse,

paralysis and finally, death.

There were no outward

signs of trauma.

Autopsy results showed toxicity in the blood. These women did not know each other and seemed to have nothing in common. It was discovered, however, that they had all visited the
same Restaurant (Olive Garden) within days of their deaths. The Health Department descended on the restaurant , shutting it down. The food, water, and air conditioning were all inspected and tested, to no avail.

The big break came when a waitress at the restaurant was rushed to the hospital with similar symptoms. She told doctors that she had been on vacation, and had only went to the restaurant to pick up her check..

She did not eat or drink while she was there, but had used the restroom.

That is when one toxicologist, remembering an article he had read, drove out to the restaurant, went into the restroom and lifted the toilet seat .

Under the seat, out of normal view , was a small spider. The spider was captured and brought back to the lab, where it was determined to be the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata), so named because of its reddened flesh color.&nb sp; This spider's venom is extremely toxic, but can take several days to take effect. They live in cold, dark,
damp climates, and toilet rims provide just the right atmosphere.

Several days later a lawyer from Jacksonville showed up at a hospital emergency room. Before his death, he told the doctor, that he had been away on business, had taken a flight from Indonesia , changing planes in Singapore , before returning home. He did NOT visit (Olive Garden),
while there. He did (as did all of the other victims) have what was determined to be a puncture wound. Investigators discovered that the flight he was on had originated in India .

The Civilian Aeronautics B oard (CAB) ordered an
immediate inspection of the toilets of all flights from India and discovered the Two-Striped Telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata) spider's nests on 4 different planes!

It is now believed that these spiders can be anywhere in the country.

So please, before you use a public toilet, lift the seat to check for spiders...... It can save your life!
Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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Post by .bygafricans. on Sun Apr 12, 2009 2:01 am

Scary things what a lil spider can do to anyone! Do hospitals already have anti-venom for this specific species of spider venom? Do we also have this particular species of spider here in the Philppines???
PPO Lieutenant General
PPO Lieutenant General

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Post by Dammam on Sun Apr 12, 2009 6:23 pm

Yes there is in the Philippines according to Kuya Kim! A real poisonous one!
Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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Post by Efren on Sun Apr 12, 2009 7:36 pm

Sir Jerry.

may nag email din sa akin ng article na yan. my first instinct is GOOGLE the SPIDER before forwarding it to my friends/family. And here's what I found out....

The two-striped telamonia (Telamonia dimidiata), is a jumping spider found in various Asian tropical rain forests, in foliage in wooded environments.

Females can reach a body length of 9–11 mm, males can reach a length of 8-9 mm. The female is light yellowish, with a very white cephalus and red rings surrounding the narrow black rings round the eyes. Two longitudinal bright red stripes are present on the opisthosoma[1]. The male is very dark, with white markings, and red hairs around the eyes.

Email hoax

In 2002 , the spider became the subject of an email hoax claiming that it was a fatal spider found lurking under toilet seats in North Florida. This hoax was a rehashing of an older email circulated in 1999 with similar claims, except under the name “South American Blush Spider (arachnius gluteus[sic])” - literally “butt spider”. It has also been found that similar email hoaxes(details of original changed here and there) has been found in other parts of the world claiming that the same thing happened in that country. No such events ever occurred.


More Related Article:

Jumping spider types are more than 500 described genera and over 5,000 species, making it the largest family of spiders with about 13% of all species
jumping spiders live in a variety of habitats. Tropical forests harbor the most species, but they are also found in temperate forests, scrub lands, deserts, the intertidal zone (in Malaysia), even mountains (one species is reported to have been the spider collected at the highest elevation, on the slopes of Mt. Everest.
jumping spiders are generally recognized by their eye pattern.
jumping spiders are generally diurnal, active hunters. Their well developed internal hydraulic system extends their limbs by altering the pressure of body fluid (blood) within them. This enables the jumping spiders to jump without having large muscular legs like a grasshopper.

Some jumping spiders may bite to protect themselves if disturbed. However, jumping spiders usually escape and hide, and will only bite if provoked and cornered. While the bite of a larger jumping spider can be painful, only a few species produce any other effects. Almost all spiders (except hackled orb-weavers) have venom, but the venom of most spiders is not worse than the venom of a bee
The last facts proves that Two-Striped Telamonia does not have the ability to kill a human. Which definitely proves by fact that the email is a hoax. With this all laid out and proven, I did also a last search of facts generally about spider’s venom. And here are the facts I found:

All spiders have fangs! And, yes, they almost all have venom in them. Lucky for us, most spider poison will not harm people because it is quite weak. Most spiders use their venom to paralyze its insect victim long enough to devour it. For other spiders, their poison is strong enough to kill their prey. Of course, this also comes in handy when being attacked by a predator.

There are a few spiders with poison strong enough to cause pain or even some nerve damage in humans. These spiders include the Black Widow and the Brown Recluse spiders. If left untreated, death could result.
People usually associate Tarantulas with the people-killing kind of poison. This is untrue. They have small poison glands and will be about as painful as a hornet or bee sting.

I hope this enlighten some of you not just about ways on deciding to forward a recently received email which ask you to tell all your friends about ASAP. But also about spider in general.

Executive Administator
Executive Administator

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Post by .bygafricans. on Sun Apr 12, 2009 8:54 pm

Ok let me just make it clear guys, just wanna make sure if i read it right.... So this email or what you might want to call it, is a HOAX????
PPO Lieutenant General
PPO Lieutenant General

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General info

Post by maria17 on Wed Jul 10, 2013 5:54 pm

Glad to read this posted information....
PPO Captain
PPO Captain

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Post by Sponsored content

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